Glass Solutions

VILABO has headquarters at Marinha Grande, considered the "Glass Capital" for its deep linkings to the glass industry. Not being consensual the glass origin, it calculates that its origin has ocurred has 5000 years, having been used permanently since the old Egypt.

The glass is an inorganic product of fusion that it solidifies without crystallizing. The typical components of the glass are: silicon, normally in the form of silicon dioxide (SiO2), boron oxide (B2O3), phosphoric oxide (P2O3) and aluminium oxide (Al2O3). These substances are capable to absort certain amounts of metal oxides without losing its glass characteristics. This means that the incorpored oxides don't participate as creators.


Since 1940

VILABO is a company from Marinha Grande, Portugal, that produces and commercializes glass destined to the scientific industry. Its history starts in the Forties of the passed century, in the after World War II. The automatization arrives at the glass production in a time where the industries assimilate the developed processes of production in the market, when with his son, Mr. Edmundo Carolino, sign up the society for parts VILABO and creates the mark of LINEX product.


Pharmaceutical Industry, Biotechnology and Research

In 1997, the company initiates, with success, the process of certification of quality. Successive upgrades are followed until, in 2005, a deep reorganization in the main sectors of the company is made.

With more than sixty years of experience, VILABO act on the emergent markets of the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and investigation industries. It still makes use of an exclusive service that, under consultation, develops and produces specific solutions in glass.